Apr 22

How to Activate a Disabled Auto Email

177299859Go to My Matrix, then click Auto Email. Find the auto email that has been deactivated – it will have a red circle with an exclamation point in Status – and click on the subject. This will open up the menu below it. In that menu click on Settings. On the next page scroll down until you see the Settings section. In that section you will see that it is disabled. Click on the button next to Enabled, then go down to the bottom and click on Save.


This will reactivate the auto email and send out the welcome message. Once your client clicks on the link provided in that email the auto email will be fully active.

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Apr 15

Richmond History Tours

lincolnThere is no better way to showcase the abundant amenities of Richmond to clients looking to relocate than encouraging them to take a Richmond History tour.

A service of the Valentine Richmond History Center, these tours offer more than 340 opportunities to tour Richmond on foot, by bus, or with your dog. Led by master guides, these tours are the best way to experience the city’s past, present and future.

For more than 100 years, the Valentine Richmond History Center has told the story of Richmond through exhibitions, city tours, special events, research opportunities, interactive history programs and guided tours of the 1812 John Wickham House. With a renowned costume and textile collection, thousands of objects and more than one million photographs, the History Center is committed to preserving Richmond’s history and serving as a resource for visitors and residents.


For more information on the Valentine Richmond History Center and their tours, visit: http://www.richmondhistorycenter.com/ 



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Apr 09

Extending Listings

Only Brokers or Office Administrators have the ability to extend listings for the agents in their office.  Here’s how:

Only expiration dates of listings with Active or Pending status and with expiration dates that have not passed can be extended.  If the expiration date of a listing with an Active or Pending status is today or in the future, then you can extend that listing. If the expiration date is in the past, then the expiration date cannot be extended.

Reminder – obtain written permission from each seller to extend an expiration date.

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Apr 07

Fannie Mae Lender Letter

Recently, Fannie Mae released a guidance letter for lenders which stipulates that lenders do not have to use appraisal management companies (AMCs) or third-party vendors to ensure compliance when ordering appraisals.  The letter emphasizes that when lenders select an appraiser they must simply, “ensure that appraiser has the requisite knowledge, expertise, and experience for the specific assignment type and market area.”  The guidance letter also provides clarifications regarding property and appraisal requirements for properties in small towns and rural areas.

To read the full letter, CLICK HERE.

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Apr 07

Listing Not Displaying Correctly in the Map Feature?


MLS Tip – To set or reset the correct location of the property, select the Input tab and then click Modify. Type in the ML# and on the first page of Add/Edit, under the map, select Get Lat/Long from Address OR if, if necessary, Set Lat/Lng manually.  Resave (Submit) the listing.

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Apr 03

Saving Listings as Active vs. Incomplete – MLS Tip

To help clarify the difference between saving listings as Incomplete or Active, the CVR MLS department recently updated the text that appears prior to adding a new listing in Matrix™.  The new text is as follows:

Listing Status Options

ACTIVE Listings are entered into the MLS database and the information you have provided will be made available to all MLS users.

INCOMPLETE Listings  are assigned an MLS # but are not entered into the MLS database and any information you have provided will not be available to MLS users.

CVR MLS rules and regulations require that all listings be entered into the MLS system within three (3) days of the date of  the listing agreement is ratified by the seller.  For the purposes of this requirement, Listing are not considered entered into the MLS system until they are saved as ACTVE.

TIP: To verify the accuracy of your Listing data and avoid unnecessary violation notices, run the CheckIT function after saving your listing as ACTIVE.  You can also access CheckIT from the External Links widget on the homepage, by clicking My Violations.

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Mar 31

Why Does RAR Support GRP?

Did You Know…
The Richmond Association of REALTORS® provides financial support to the Greater Richmond Partnership.  Why?  Because the GRP brings jobs to Richmond.  Each new job generated by the Partnership, in turn creates another .76 jobs in the region.  So 5,000 jobs turns into 8,800 jobs.  These works are responsible for $505.6 million in consumer spending in our region. And what tops the list of expenditures?  Household mortgage at $116.8 million.

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Mar 14

NEW & Upcoming Matrix Training Courses

March 18th Matrix™ CMA 1PM – 4PM
March 19th Matrix™ Make-up Training 1PM – 3PM
March 20th Advanced Searching Techniques* 1PM – 2:30PM
March 20th Advanced Searching Techniques* 3PM – 4:30PM
March 31st Matrix™ Training 9AM – 11AM

Matrix Training Header


*NEW! Advanced Searching Techniques with Guest Trainer, Berry Caitlin, from CoreLogic

The Matrix system has powerful and diverse search capabilities. In these 90 minute training session, Corelogic trainer, Berry Caitlin, will demonstrate the various Search options and answer your questions, so you can fast track your Matrix skills and utilize the Search functionality to its maximum potential. These training sessions are free for all CVR MLS Users. Space is limited so advance registration is required.
To register online, CLICK HERE for 1PM Session | CLICK HERE for 3PM Session or call 422-5000

For more information on FREE Matrix™ Training, visit: http://rarealtors.com/cvr-mls/matrix-launch-pad/matrix-training

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Mar 14

CEO Laura Lafayette Featured in VAR’s Pieces of Home

Recently, VAR published its annual housing report titled Pieces of Home.  Below is an excerpt from an article that RAR CEO, Laura Lafayette contributed to the publication.Laura-01-WEB

As a conversation starter, people often ask: Are you busy? I never fail to give the same answer every time: “I’m always busy.” Because in today’s world, unless you dump your devices in the deep blue sea and head on vacation, is there any other state of being than perpetually busy? So it’s not surprising that sometimes we can get so caught up in the to-do list of life that we push its meaning to the side and forget to live it.

You have to enter a listing into MLS, meet the inspector at the house, call three anxious buyers back in the next 10 minutes, run comps, produce a CMA, and, for the umpteenth time, explain that the guestimate on that popular website is just that — a wild guess.

All of that work is more than merely important, it is essential in your chosen
profession, but it’s not the essence of what it means to be a REALTOR®. As a
REALTOR® — whether you’re helping someone purchase their first or fifth
home, whether it’s the young couple just starting out or the seniors who need
to downsize but have lived in their home for 40 years — each and every day,
you powerfully, indelibly affect the lives of others…

To read the full article, check out Pieces of Home (page 20).

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Mar 10



WalkScore is available for active listings containing a latitude and longitude and is located on listing reports, including those viewed by clients in the Portal.

The walkability score as well as a link to information such as distance to various restaurants, coffee houses, public transit, groceries, is located on the reports to the right of the photo and above the Listing Information section.

NOTE: WalkScore will not be available under the following circumstances:

  •  Listing is not Active status
  •  The listing has not been mapped.  To do this, simply modify the listing and update the mapping function    located on the first Tab when adding or editing a listing.
  •  The listing is located in a remote location.  Note that a ‘0’ will be noted by WalkScore.
  •  The listing was off-market and then reactivated and was not remapped.

“Invesmtents in a community’s walkability typically increase land value by 70 – 300%”

According to “Urban Land” which is the magazine of the Urban Land Institute, researchers at the Mercatus Center at George Mason found that Americans are willing to pay an additional $850 for a house per one additional point on WalkScore.com. “According to the AIA (American Institute of Architects), invesmtents in a community’s walkability typically increase land value by 70 – 300%.  Furthermore, studies of 15 major metropolitan markets cited by the AIA revealed that neighborhoods with an above average walk score command a premium ranging from about $4,000 – $34,000 in real estate transactions.”


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